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What is I’m After?

Introduction to I’m After

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I’m After is a little project run by an individual who wants to show appreciation to those who have served him well. However, I—the said person—need to try to earn some pennies each month as I am getting long in the tooth. Therefore, I’m After will accept others’ paid-for (sponsored) content. Anyone paying for placement will sit at the top of their niche page within their town/city. For this, a small sum will be charged.


Approved by I’m After
Approved By I'm After

Whenever you see the “Approved by I’m After” symbol, it indicates that I have personally used and tested the product or service and had a positive experience with it. Therefore, I can confidently recommend it to you. No charges will be associated if a place or service carries my approval. However, please bear in mind that situations can change. If they fail to maintain their standards, I reserve the right to withdraw my approval.


Sponsored Content
Sponsored Content On I'm After

If you come across the “Sponsored Content on I’m After” symbol, it indicates that the entry is a paid advertisement. It is important to note that I’m After does not take responsibility for any poor service the advertiser provides. Nonetheless, there are concerns regarding the quality of the product or service advertised. In that case, I will take the necessary actions to remove the entry. It is essential to mention that the fee paid by the advertiser will not be refunded in such cases.



Anyone paying for a sponsored placement will sit in the top three spaces of their niche page within their town or city. Their details will be openly displayed, whereas other places/products/services will start with hidden content.

A small sum will be charged for sponsored placings. For the first space, £3.49 a year will be charged. The second and third spots will be charged £2.49 and £1.49 per annum.